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 Submitting Applications and Criteria

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Submitting Applications and Criteria Empty
PostSubject: Submitting Applications and Criteria   Submitting Applications and Criteria I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 11, 2010 7:36 am

Please make another thread for your applications. Copy and paste the questions, as this will be the guideline of your application.

[Part A]
What is your character name?
List your 75+ jobs and Subjobs available:
What job would you prefer to come as?

[Part B]
Do you have any experience with Dynamis, Limbus, Sky or Abyssea?
Do you have full Dynamis, Sky, Limbus or Abyssea access? If not, list how far are you from finishing.
Which endgame Linkshell events are you looking to do with Variant Knights?
What is your previous Dynamis, Sky and/or Limbus linkshell?
Which armor piece are you looking for?

[Part C]
Do you fully understand Variant Knights rules and policy fully? If not, please state your inquires.
Are you planning to be a long term member?
Knows anyone in the linkshell?

Please let a leader know (in-game) if you've posted an application on the forums.
We hold the rights to decline any applications.

Applicion will be invalid within a week of notification if no contact or responses is made.
(Forums or in-game)
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Submitting Applications and Criteria
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