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 New Schedule and Point System

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New Schedule and Point System Empty
PostSubject: New Schedule and Point System   New Schedule and Point System I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 06, 2011 6:47 pm

New Schedule!

Sunday: Free
Monday: Free
Tuesday: Abyssea
Wednesday: Rotation Event
Thursday: Rotation Event
Friday: Free
Saturday: Abyssea XP

So what are these rotation events anyways you ask?! Well read on!
Rotation Events:
1. Sea
2. KSNM99/HNMs
3. VNM
5. Voidwatch
6. Dynamis
7. Limbus
8. Sky Gods
9. Einherjar

If certain events are more popular...for instance I know several ppl have expressed interest in Sea and HNM items we could have extra runs of those in rotation and fewer of other events. See an event that you would like added? Itching for some garrison?! Yearning for some expeditionary force?!!! Post some feedback and we will look into organizing a run!

Everybody wants to know about points! Well we will be combining Dynamis and Limbus points together since they had a very similar point/hour ratio into a new single combined point structure. 1 point/hr will be added for events on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Additionally, if you attend both events for their ENTIRE DURATION, you will receive a weekly bonus of 25% of the points earned that week! Awesome! "But wait! What about people who just can't come every night? Sad" Well, we wanted to encourage continual participation and it is true that you might not be able to get the bonus points for attendance, BUT! you can earn bonus points for farming on your free time! What can you earn points for?! Lot's of things, KIs for Abyssea nms, sky pops, sea pops, voidwatch pops, VNM pops, HNM pops, KCNM/KSNM orbs, a list is located under the post "Guide to..."

To make it crystal clear: THIS WILL LEAVE VKREBORN with TWO (2, dos, ni, deux, zwei) point structures-one for Abyssea and one for the rotational events.

Times for all events is to Gather at 7:00, enter between 7:30 and 8:00. With how much many events have changed I think it is fair game to enter right at 7:30 if we have enough people and others can trickle in later.

"This is Man Talk."
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New Schedule and Point System
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