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 Basic information about Variant Knights. [Outdated]

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PostSubject: Basic information about Variant Knights. [Outdated]   Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:57 am

Variant Knights has a very warm history, created as a social Linkshell. Overtime, the Linkshell has developed into Sky, Dynamis, and Limbus with many other addition event will be add in the future. Our background has shown that we are very highly skilled and experienced.

Our goal is to encourage a friendly environment with highly skill players building both bonds and friendship. In addition, improving our members and the Linkshell, giving our members the best possible gears.

Variant Knights is currently taking all jobs 65+. Application is here.

Currently dynamis event is on Monday and Thursday gather at 7 EST and ehter at 8 EST. Must be there by 7:30 to recelieve on time point.

currently sky event is on Tuesday and Friday at 8 EST must be there by 8:30 to rececieve on time point.

Current limbus event is at Wedensday and Sunday. Gather 7 EST. No on time point. Ether on time or don't enter. Limbus does not allow any late members to enter late.

It is not a requirement to do every linkshell events with Variant Knights. However, for your convenient it is easier to do every events with variantknights.
Therefore, no chance our events will cross path with any other events you got.
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Basic information about Variant Knights. [Outdated]
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