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 Dynamis Bidding, Rules and Sponsorship Guidelines. [Outdated, see New System]

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Dynamis Bidding, Rules and Sponsorship Guidelines. [Outdated, see New System] Empty
PostSubject: Dynamis Bidding, Rules and Sponsorship Guidelines. [Outdated, see New System]   Dynamis Bidding, Rules and Sponsorship Guidelines. [Outdated, see New System] I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2010 8:11 am

Variant Knights directly follow the unspoken agreement between many other Dynamis Linkshells within the Titan server by releasing our Dynamis schedule on Killing Ifrit. A new Dynamis schedule will be prepare and release one week prior the beginning of each month.

Red comment: For new recruits, using the word "new" in comment
Yellow comment: AFv2/AF-1/100/accessory that you would like to bid on if it may drop.
Pink comment: Save
Blue comment: Need the current Dynamis win, even if you're saving points or lotting for AFv2/AF-1/100/accessory.

What is your job in Dynamis?

You must /assist your tank. Stay with your alliance and do not follow the tank as they will pull the mob to you. DO NOT RUN UP AND CROWD THE BLM's! DO NOT MELEE STATUES, or AVATARS!

As a tank for your party/alliance, it is your job to provoke mobs off the main puller as they run by, making sure you provoke the correct mob as it will be stated in LS. It is a requirement make macros you provke macros /linkshell and what mob you are provoking. Therefore, other tanks is aware and will not provoke the same mob.
PLD: Try to save Sentinel for when tanking against MNK type mobs and have Defender on at all times.
NIN: DO NOT tank a MNK type mob. Let the PLD handle the MNKs. Use Defender and Yonin at all times.

Black Mages:
You will be placed in the frontlines of Dyanmis as you're to nuke the statues that the main puller brings. Do not be afraid to be the first to nuke. Drain and Aspir are extremely useful. Also help nuke down PLD and THF mobs when they 2hr and nuke pets after the BSTs are dead. Keep Avatars slept at all costs! DO NOT EVER USE A DOT SPELL! Sleepga only if told so.

Red Mages:
RDM must sleep avatars and DO NOT leave the avatar you slept unattended until it despawns. Silence all BST pets at all times, and keep them slept until the BST dies. Sleep any extra mobs left on the puller after the tanks each have a mob. DO NOT EVER USE A DOT SPELL!

White Mages:
If only a few people are killed, Raise the dead and focus on keeping you tank alive. Raise II and Raise III is purely a luxury, not a need.

Lullaby hecteyes. They're resistant to Sleep. DO NOT SLEEP AVATARS due to the fact Lullaby does not last long.

Bidding System:
The bidding system is under the "open bid" using your points. Open bid means you bid in Linkshell chat once bidtaker has commences the bid war. Must comment the items you are bidding for in your seacom. Whole point value will only be accepted! IE: 2, 43, 27...no 1.38752307!

100's: Minimum bid of 5 points. 100's are counted as a money item, resulting you becoming richer depending on it's value. Once you have obtain a 100, you're NOT able to bid for an AFv2, AF-1, AF Accessory or another 100. If a 100 did not receive any bids, the following 100 will go into Linkshell Dynamis bank. If a Dynamis run has a sponsor, the first 100 goes to them.

AFv2/Relic Armor: Minimum bid of 1 point. Once you have obtained an AFv2, you cannot bid on a 100. For city Dynamises, Buburimu, Valkurm and Qufim, you have to be 70+ to have priority bidding; 74+ for Beaucedine and Tavnazia; 75 for Xarcabard. If an AFv2 is not commented, bids will process to anyone with that particular job at 75, 70+, and 65+. If no bid have been received still, it will be freelot, in which anyone can lot, even if you have obtained a 100.

AF/Relic Accessories: Minimum bid of 1 point. Once you have obtained an accessory, you cannot bid on a 100. You must have the correct 70+ job to bid for it. If any AFv2 accessory do commented, anyone with that particular job 65+ may bid. If no bid have been received still, it will be freelot, in which anyone can lot, even if you have obtained a 100.

AF-1: Minimum bid of 1 point. You must have the AFv2 counterpart to bid. Once you have obtained an AF-1, you cannot bid on a 100. If an AF-1 is not commented, bids will process to anyone with that particular job at 75, 70+, and 65+. If no bid have been received still, it will be freelot, in which anyone can lot, even if you have obtained a 100.

New rule implemented as of 2/8/10: After the process bidding of 65 jobs on AFv2, AF accessory, and AF-1, anyone 64 and below can bid on the desired item, granted they plan to level the job. If no one bids have not been received, it will go freelot.

New rules implemented as of 6/16/10 Banker will get first 100s during every dreamland runs. Incase more than 1 100s drops. Here is the order banker will obtain (M. siverpiece > L. Jadeshell > 100 byne bill)

Wootz Ore: Minimum bid is 2 points. Wootz Ore is a money item, but will not be counted against you for wanting to obtaining an AFv2, AF-1, accessory or a 100. However, only one Wootz Ores per person per run is allowed. Wootz Ore will be lotted by a Dynamis leader, due to it may be forced out of the Treasure Pool. If no one bids on a Wootz Ore, it goes to the Linkshell Dynamis Bank.

Singles goes to the Linkshell banker or Sponsors (read more about our sponsorship policy below). Relic weapons and other crafting items are freelot. Once freelot has been call, the decision can not be reverted, which the acception of an officer not seeing you bid due to spam. If this happens, say something quickly in Linkshell chat. Once a bid has been called, the decision cannot be reverted. 100's and Wootz Ore will never goes into freelot.

Earning Points:
1 point = On-time (On-time mean you MUST be in Linkshell and in the correct Dynamis zone by 7:30 EST to obtain the point). Only exception will be if a Dynamis leader asked you to change jobs if you were already at the zone and in Linkshell.
1 point = Staying until Mega Boss is dead
2 points = for staying the entire Dynamis run. This bonus is only in effect for city Dynamis zones, and the 3 primary Chains of Promathia zones. Dynamis Beaucedine, Xarcabard and Tavnazia not included.

Note: Any problems with your current point total, please tell a Dynamis leader about it. Be warned that your points will not be altered during a Dynamis. Only before or after.

Only serious long-term Dynamis members are eligible to become sponsors. Dynamis sponsorship will not be open for financial gain. Sponsor must report each month about their advancement in their relic weapon and decide together on which Dynamis each will sponsor.

What do sponsors gain?
Sponsors will lot on all singles and the first 100 that drops. If in a rare case that two or more 100's types drop from the same mob, the sponsor has the ability to pick which 100 they would like.

Sponsor must be on time with glass
Sponsors must always have an hourglass ready before gathering and trade the hourglass to the puller of Dynamis before entry. If for whatever reason, you're not able to attend to your sponsorship, it will be open for other sponsors, as they may decide if they want the zone or not. If no sponsor want the zone, the Linkshell bank will sponsor the run. There are no refunds for Dynamis run which give low output of currency or if a 100 does not drop.

Only time you may get a refund on your hourglass is when an Attestation run fails and you did not receive a 100, or a failed Animated weapon run. If the wrong Attestation drops, it does not count as a failed run. We only let a certain amount of people sponsor, so if you want to sponsor a run, you will be on a waiting list, and will be informed about it. Lying about sponsoring a relic and selling currency for gil wil lead to an automatic ejection from the Linkshell.

If sponsor is absent, the sposonor forfit his/her sponsorship to another sponsor ior banker

Sponorship requirement.

10 dynamis within 4 months, and a serious, regular attender.
If you believe you meet the requirement, speak to a leader.

Shadow Mantle/Shadow Ring drops:
During a Dynamis Lord run, possible chance that a Shadow Mantle and/or a Shadow Ring may drop. Strict rules in places for those items are the following:

You may only bid for Mantle or Ring, not both. You must have you comment set for each of the two pieces you want, therefore, you cannot put in comment "Shadow Mantle or Ring". If any of the sort is in your /seacom, your comment will be cancelled altogether. IF you /seacom has AFv2, 100, and Mantle/Ring in it, be advised, whichever you get first, cancels out the others items in your /seacom. Winning the Mantle/Ring will be a full point wipe, no exceptions. Job priorities for Mantle and Ring are:

Tanks - PLD, NIN, SAM, WAR

Another thing, just to keep things fair...just because you have a 75 of a certain job, does not mean your within the requirements to bid for Mantle/Ring. You actually have to had use that jobs a few times in Dynamis with us in order to get priority bidding. This also depends you attendance as well.

Stage 1: Obtain Ito Complete
Stage 2: Montiont Silverpiece (3/3) Complete
Stage 3: Lungo-Nango Jadeshell (15/15) Complete
Stage 4: One Hundred Byne Bill (20/60) In process
Stage 5: Montiont Silverpiece (0/100) In process
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Dynamis Bidding, Rules and Sponsorship Guidelines. [Outdated, see New System]
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