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 Sky Bidding System and Rule Guidelines. [Outdated, see New System]

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Sky Bidding System and Rule Guidelines. [Outdated, see New System] Empty
PostSubject: Sky Bidding System and Rule Guidelines. [Outdated, see New System]   Sky Bidding System and Rule Guidelines. [Outdated, see New System] I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 12, 2010 9:19 am

The point system is an accumulative system for Sky

1 point: On-time (meaning in Linkshell and in any zone of Sky)
1 point: Staying until the end of a run/farming

Points are based on how long you are at an event for. This means you earn points proportional to the time you put in.

1 point: Every 60 minutes you participate

Attendance will be taken every hour minutes to keep record of points for everyone.

Example: Myrdraal has been sky farming for it's entire length of 4 hours and he was on time. He would be awarded 1+[1 x 4]+1 = 6 points total for that sky farming run.

The silent bid system is what will be used. You must 70+ of the certain job to obtain Abjurations and god armor. The leader/officers will take only take bids on the items we announced. If you have to AFK, place a bid on an item to bid taker, then have the letters AFK after, so your bid will be included. Spamming your bid is not acceptable. If you are spamming your spam to the bid taker, you bid will be that for item will not be accounted for the night. Bidding sessions will take place before popping the corresponding god. When bidding, please place your bid will the amount of points you want to use. Do not tell the bid taker "I bid all my points" or "1 point more than the highest bid". If a bid taker sees this, you bid will not be accounted for that item for the night. The bid taker only will view points to make sure the person bidding has right amount of points. Please check your points or ask someone to check for you. Bid takers will strictly only take bids and announce the winners and what items they have won. If a bid taker wants to bid on an item, another leader will be taking the bids for that item.

Example: Leala is the Bid Taker but wants to place a bid on A. Hands, all A. hands bids will be taken by Kosciusko or Cannia.

In an event of hearing of bids being manipulated, having hard evidence of the action, you will be booted from the shell. That will not be tolerated.

After winning the item and it drops to the rightful person, X amount of points will be subtracted from your total point acculumated. If the person that won a bid for an item, but drops to another person, the person that got the item will have their points deducted with the amount of point that won that item.

Example: Raigeki wins Byakko Haidates with 53 points, but it went to Profeta. Profeta will have 53 points deducted from his total.

If you bid on an item but you did not win the item, no points is lost or deducted. Money drops from Sky Gods will be up for /random or bidding, depending on it's current value.

Killing certain Gods/NMs will award extra points:
Genbu: 1 point
Seiryu: 2 points
Suzaku: 2 points
Byakko: 2 points
Kirin: 3 points

Note: If you have a Kirin's Osode which was not acquired within the Linkshell, you can sell it and bid for a Kirin's Osode. Be warned, no matter how many points you bid for, you will be deducted an extra 40 points if you win the bid, meaning you could be in the negative.

Recruitment points:
We have implemented a recruitment point method where you will get points for recruiting your friends into Variant Knights. After a month of your recruit being in the shell, you will receive 2 points. After two months, 5 points. And after the third month, if we deem the person to be nice and gets along with others well, you will receive 20 points.

Item to help earn points on the side during off-Sky times:
Curtana = 1 point
Ro'Maeve Water = 1 point
Diorite = 2 points

Stage 1: Obtain Ito Complete
Stage 2: Montiont Silverpiece (3/3) Complete
Stage 3: Lungo-Nango Jadeshell (15/15) Complete
Stage 4: One Hundred Byne Bill (20/60) In process
Stage 5: Montiont Silverpiece (0/100) In process
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Sky Bidding System and Rule Guidelines. [Outdated, see New System]
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