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 Limbus Bidding System and Rule Guidelines [Outdated, see New System].

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Limbus Bidding System and Rule Guidelines [Outdated, see New System]. Empty
PostSubject: Limbus Bidding System and Rule Guidelines [Outdated, see New System].   Limbus Bidding System and Rule Guidelines [Outdated, see New System]. I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 13, 2010 8:29 am

The Limbus point system is an accumulative system, strictly for Homam and Nashira armor, and for purchasing Ancient Beastcoins from the bank.

The gathering spot for Limbus will always be at Port Jeuno at the given time in /lsmes. You are required to have 15,000 gil to give to the npc to obtain the key item Cosmo-Cleanse. Once everyone has the soap and parties are made, we will teleport to the corresponding area we need to access Limbus, in which you will also need either a Red Card, Black Card, or White Card.

AF+1 items:
All AF+1 item are freelot to anyone which the particular 74+ job. Ask around, if no one lots for the AF+1 item, anyone can lot for it.

Ancient Beastcoins:
When a mob drops an Ancient Beastcoin(s) or a chest is opened filled with Ancient Beastcoins, a leader will lot all of the coins, for later distribution. After each Limbus run, excluded Proto-Omega and Proto-Ultima runs, coins will be divided evenly to the number of members that joined for the run. Any remaining coins will go to the bank. If for some reason during a run, you get disconnected, you Ancient Beastcoins will be accounted for and will held by an leader until the next time we see you.

Material items:
There are times when a chest is open and there could be a material item in it. It is freelot to anyone, and you have the option to do what you want with it.

Every Limbus run awards two points per run. This also include Proto-Omega and Proto-Ultima runs. Points are solely used for open bids for Homam and Nashira armor.

Note: Chest will either be spawn after a death of a mob or already in place in the Limbus zone. DO NOT touch any chest, unless you're told so. Chest will be opened by the designated person.

Bidding armor:
For Homam armor, you must have a level 75 Thief, Paladin, Dark Knight, Dragoon, or Blue Mage in order to qualify to bid.
For Nashira armor, you must have a level 75 White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Summoner, or Blue Mage in order to qualify to bid.

Open bid must be in Linkshell chat, and take place after a Boss run. Once the designated person open the chest and we all see what dropped, open bids will commence. You will have a two minute window on the piece you want to bid for. Highest bid for an item, wins. You can bid for more then one item, provided you have enough points to cover for them.

Ancient Beastcoin Bank:
All remaining coins after being distributed to people that attended the run will go to the bank. After each boss run, after all bids have been final, you may purchase the Ancient Beastcoins with your points. The value each coin or set of coins, is based on the total numbers or coins and the total number of active Limbus members.

IE: The total of coins is 50, and total of active members is 25. The value will be 1 point = 2 Ancient Beastcoins.

The less coins, the more of it's cost. The more cost, the less of it's cost. The division of coins and active members will be rounded off to the nearest whole number value.

Stage 1: Obtain Ito Complete
Stage 2: Montiont Silverpiece (3/3) Complete
Stage 3: Lungo-Nango Jadeshell (15/15) Complete
Stage 4: One Hundred Byne Bill (20/60) In process
Stage 5: Montiont Silverpiece (0/100) In process
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Limbus Bidding System and Rule Guidelines [Outdated, see New System].
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